The 20th Edition has begun!

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Find innovations in technology, maintenance,
products, and services presented by leading suppliers for the cargo and passengers sector.

See what's happening in this edition!

1st Day

2nd day

Learn what’s new about the industry and the show, plan your visits and optimize your time at the show, make researches and be in direct contact with the manufacturers attending the show
Where to stay, eat and have fun: take time to get to know the best of the capital of São Paulo

Why visit?


  • Because is the meeting point for companies of this industry in South America
  • Increase your chances for business opportunities and network with over 100 national and international brands gathered in just one place.
  • Find new suppliers, compare what’s being offered and gain access to the future on rails presented in a 3-day event.
  • Get the most up to date information of the industry from the technical free seminars at the Knowledge Station.
  • Get to know the market trends, take part in discussions about the direction the industry is taking and the innovations in security, maintenance, engineering and a lot of projects.

Reasons for visit:

Knowledge of New Projects


Another Reasons


Establish New Relationships




Search for New Suppliers


How to get there

Expo Center Norte – Red Pavillion

Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme – São Paulo/SP - ZIP: 02055-000


Public transport or Taxi

From Tiete Bus Terminal:


Note: The itinerary is provided by SPTRANS. NT Expo is not responsible for its visitors’ displacement and it only follows the policy to provide collaborative information. The starting points are not necessarily within the Bus Terminal, but nearby.

Public Transportation - Metro

Travel & Accommodation

In association with Via HG Turismo, UBM offers exclusive advantages so that its exhibitors have a pleasant experience, by offering services that add convenience and comfort at low rates.
Airport/Hotel/Airport and Hotel/Show/Hotel Transfer
Individual payment terms
Specialized customer service
Wide range of hotels near the event at exclusive rates
Support from the Via HG Turismo team during the entire show
(hotel and show)

Companies prepared to help you

Official Travel Agency

Only with Via HG Turismo all attendees can have access to special rates at LATAM, the official airline for the NT Expo. And so that your travel experience is complete, we offer travel and city tour packages with options for the day and night.

Phone #: + 55 11 4229 - 9593
Fax #: + 55 11 4226 - 5203

Official Airline
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Find Companies and NT EXPO products:


What is the name of the event?
NT Expo – 20th Business on Rails
When and where will it take place?
What is the address?
What are the event opening hours?
What are the landmarks to get to the event’s location?
Will a free transportation service be provided to the location of the event?
Are people under 18 years old allowed into the event?
Is the car park for the visitors free of charge?
What is the procedure for finding accommodation for visitors who are not from São Paulo?
Is it possible to register through the website of the event?
Is the online pre-registration free of charge?
What are the options for the ONLINE registration offered by the event?

Marketing Departament
+55 11 4878 5990


CONOZCA MÁS sobre el aplicativo de NT Expo. 
Descargue y conéctese al mayor evento del sector de las Américas.
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