NT EXPO - Business on the Rails is the main meeting point for the rail sector in Latin America 

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Welcome NT Expo Xperience

Considering the new scenario we are living in, NT EXPO has adapted to the new reality and offers projects that aim at connecting people, business and technologies, promoting the sector’s ecosystem.

Our focus is on maintaining innovation in opportunities, content and trends to boost the markets we serve. We have therefore created two projects that drive the market objectives.

The NT EXPO XPERIENCE, is the only platform in the market that gathers the three main pillars in a single environment: content, business and networking, making in- person events the most efficient way of generating opportunities.

To deliver actual and relevant connections to the market 365 days a year, the platform will connect buyers and sellers through BLUE, artificial intelligence developed to analyze and deliver results based on interests, purchasing potential and consumption behaviours




Reach and brand recognition at the main 100% online event that connects your business to the rail industry community.

Qualified business leads.


NT Expo - Business on Rails - is the main meeting point for the railway sector in Latin America. Event parallel to Intermodal South America, this year, will have a special week just for him, with a new format, the NT EXPO EXPERIENCE.

NT EXPO Xperience takes place within the platform with the same name: NT Expo Xperience. The only platform on the market that brings together, in the same environment, the main pillars that make physical events the most efficient means of generating opportunities.Few clicks connect you with everything up to date in the market! It's easy and fast



New leads and business opportunities will
be created in the MARKETPLACE, an environment created for your company to sell
all year round.


Strengthen connections, find old
colleagues, or even search for new contacts. There are endless possibilities of
engaging with your market. 


Webinars, Congresses and many videos for
the sector to debate trends, economic and technological topics, consumption and
much more.

Who is Blue?

Blue is the Artificial Intelligence of the NT EXPO XPERIENCE platform.

It was developed with the objective of enhancing business opportunities and connecting buyers and sellers within the three pillars of the platform: Content, Business and Networking.

​In practice, Blue will analyze and understand the interests, purchasing potential and consumption behaviors of all markets served by Informa, and will transform this information into suggestions for content and products, guidance on innovations and launches, and even bring together people who can connect within the platform.


The NT Expo Xperience CONTENT GRADE is curated by Revista Ferroviária

NT Expo Xperience brings the quality of the already traditional content programming of the face-to-face event to the virtual environment. 100% online experience with a series of exclusive presentations and live broadcasts, with the participation of experts and authorities to address the issues that are on the agenda in the freight and passenger rail sector.


NT EXPO XPERIENCE is a platform full of content, networking, business and experiences!

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