Connecting people and the global market.

UBM: one of the world's largest companies in the business media

UBM is a leading global business media and the second largest event organizer in the world, with recognized expertise in promoting and encouraging networking and business between companies from different industries. Founded in 1918 and headquartered in London, it is present in 20 countries on five continents, with 5,500 employees and 160 offices, operating in dozens of industries ranging from high-tech to fashion and to the health sector. UBM has been in Brazil since 1994, and was the first multinational company to enter into the Brazilian fairs market.
We connect professionals from different industry segments, such as:
  • Construction
  • Cargo transportation
  • International Logistics and Trade
  • Train
  • Design and Manufacture of Medical Equipment
  • Shipbuilding and Offshore
  • Food Ingredients
  • Products and nutraceutical ingredients
  • Medical Industry
  • Packaging

Based on an international business model and extremely focused on business and technology transfer, UBM seeks understanding and partnerships in its operating markets.

UBM Brazil events puts your business closer to the best opportunities of each market. Making specific events in partnership with the market, creating opportunities and enabling the business leverage: this is the key to its overall success.

Our commitment
to the Brazilian
market is:

  • Organize events targeted to a highly qualified public
  • Promote meeting points for international and professionals meetings in various sectors
  • Engagement and investment directed in order to understand the needs of the market and offer intelligent and efficient solutions
  • Lead strategic market partnerships
  • Organize targeted and representative events with an international scope
  • Promote the discussion of various topics at different levels encouraging the transfer of technology and generating good business to its participants
  • Promote and leverage business segments we work with
  • Create opportunities to promote business and visibility for the participating companies
  • Generate business projecting to national and international markets to our exhibitors and visitors
  • Present to the market a qualified showcase of products, launches, technology and new suppliers.
  • UBM Brazil offers to its customers through its events:
  • Targeted and strategic investment
  • Sales, network and technology transfer opportunities.
  • High level of visitation and qualification
  • A meeting point that is efficient, fast and economical.
  • Direct marketing and communication tools
  • Assessment of results through statistical event reports
  • Provides a high quality service and commitment
  • Growth and Partnerships

UBM Brazil
offers the following
to customers
through its events:

  • Strategic and targeted investment
  • Opportunities for sales, networking and the transfer of technology
  • High attendance levels by skilled and qualified professionals
  • An efficient, quick and affordable meeting point
  • Direct marketing and communications tools
  • Assessment results through statistical event reports
  • High quality services and commitment
  • Growth and Partnerships

UBM Brazil is always looking into researching new markets and opportunities in order to create new events, make new acquisitions and partnerships, not only in Brazil but worldwide.

Find more information at: www.ubmbrazil.com.br and www.ubm.com


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